Welcome to Orangeville

One of Canada’s top business magazines profiled Orangeville and identified the two qualities that make it unique not only in Ontario but likely the whole country. First, is its historic Victorian downtown and second is its location at the top of the spectacular Niagara Escarpment. Stretching from Niagara Falls to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, the Escarpment is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s Ontario’s most outstanding landmark and Orangeville is in the heart of it all.


Founded in 1871 by businessman Orange Lawrence, Orangeville – with a present day population of 28,000 – is the seat of Dufferin County. While much of the Southern Ontario countryside is flat, Orangeville is charming and picturesque with rolling hills, valleys and forest lands. Close your eyes and you’d think you’ve been transported to the Cotswolds in England, or Burgundy in France. And what makes that allusion complete is Orangeville’s distinctive townscape.


Many of the commuter towns north of the GTA are distinctly “suburban” in their civic aesthetic; Orangeville, on the other hand, exudes the historic atmosphere of the Upper Canada of a century or more ago. But don’t be fooled: Orangeville is no museum piece. Stroll its historic high street — Broadway — and you’ll be entranced and entertained, nurtured and nourished by its lively assortment of shops and cafes, pubs and restaurants. Like its namesake in Manhattan, Broadway is a vibrant street and its ambience is hard to resist.

So welcome to this unique and lovely town, and its lively lifestyle. Once here, you won’t want to leave.

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